Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VPN(Virtual private network).

VPN(virtual private network):
*Vpn is the abbreviation for virtual private network. As the name itself says that it is useful for private and confidential usage of internet especially while accessing internet from a public wifi connectivity.

*A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network and the resources contained in it across public networks(public internet).

The following are the types of protocols used for vpn services:
1)PPTP-(point to point tunneling protocol)
2) L2TP.
3) IPSec.
*PPTP -(Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is mostly used vnp system.

Benefits and advantages of vpn:
*It enables a host computer(user) to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were a private network with all the functionality, security and management policies of the private network without any black lists or restrictions to websites as on public networks.

*A VPN can also be used to interconnect two similar networks over a dissimilar middle network; for example, two ipv6 networks over an ipv4 network.

*By adding a VPN, a business can extend all its intranet's resources to employees working from remote offices or from their home which will help their employees to work as conveniently as on their office.
* It protects your data from hackers.

* it makes your data to be private and confidential.

* it makes you to browse websites even if they are blocked by the network providers or by the government of your region.

* it changes your ip address and hides your location.

* it became essential for few  business trips in foreign countries where few websites are restricted on their countries.

* helpful for business purposes where data can be sent in an encrypted format by using vpn.

Using vpn services on your android smart phone:
*Using vpn services on mobile devices are gradually increasing day by day because mobile devices has became as an important device and all the important transactions like online shopping, online recharges, online bookings ext..are being made from mobile devices itself and important passwords are being saved on mobile phones which are making necessary for a secured network connection.
>>>This secured data connection can be achieved by using vpn services.

>>>Follow the following steps to open vpn settings on your android smart phone:
* go to settings>wireless and network settings>vpn settings.
* after entering into vpn settings, now select on ADD VPN option.
* then you have to select the type of vpn and then you need to give the required vpn settings to use vpn services.

Many vpn service providers are available to get vpn services for free but those are not recommended as some of them are not safe to use.

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