Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Create .lrc file or lyrics file and attach it with the .Mp3 audio file or video files?

Creating an .LRC file is a very simple task.

Steps to create lyrics file:
*The lyrics of the desired song must be copied into a text document.
*Now crucially before each line of lyrics,the time when they should be displayed must be selected/typed.
This is done in the following format: [00:11.00].

For example if the lyric, "where we go" is intended to be played after 3 seconds a line of text will read "[00:03.00] where we go".

*Similarly the title of song can be displayed using the format [ti:California Love] and the artist can be displayed with the tag [ar:2 Pac].

*Once all the times have been added in the described format the txt file must be saved with the file extension .lrc

*The .lrc(lyrics) file must be saved with the file extension .lrc.
*The .mp3 (audio file) must be saved with same file name for the two to work together.

*.LRC is a lyrics file format with time tags to synchronize lyrics with audio/video files.

A Simple .LRC file contains Line Time Tags [mm:ss.xx] only.

[mm:ss.xx] lyrics line 1
[mm:ss.xx] lyrics line 2
[mm:ss.xx] last lyrics line

*This lyrics file format will works on both audio and video files.

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