Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rooting and installing Custom roms for spice mi 280

You need to root your device in order to install custom roms and powerful applications in to your device.

Rooting to your device:
You can easily root your device by downloading superoneclick software.I am suggesting this software because this is a freeware which does not asks you any license key to be entered and also i have used this software successfully in my spice mi 280.You can download the software from the official link provided above and follow the instructions given by them for rooting, After completing this process you can conform whether your device is rooted or not by observing "su"(super user) icon on the menu of your device.
If you find "su" icon, then it means that your device has been rooted successfully. Now you can delete and install any app on your device.

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting your device:

*After rooting your phone, you can install many powerful applications.
*you will be able to modify your phone by installing many custom roms that are available on the internet.
*Custom roms will modify your phone's look and also adds many advanced features along with the operating system.
*You can upgrade your phone os(operating system) to the latest version.
*More applications will be supported by rooting.
*Custom rom will make your phone to work awesome by increasing battery backup.(depending on the rom that you have upgraded).

Disadvantages and precautions:
Apart from the advantages, you are having disadvantages too.
*After rooting, you will be loosing warranty of your phone.
*It may crash or destroy your phone if you are not aware of minimum knowledge of rooting.
*Should be careful with rooted devices while deleting system files.
*Should not touch any of the system files if you are not aware of it.

Installing custom roms to your device:
Installing custom rom to your device will be very helpful to you.
For this, you need to download custom rom from the developers.
*Many developers create custom roms for us, one of the famous developers are xda developers.
* You can download many custom roms from xda developers.
* After downloading custom rom into your sd card, you need to turn off your phone and then press down volume button and start button of your phone at a time.
* Then it will show you a menu for you.
* In that menu select "install update" option and then show the directory for the custom rom in your sd card that we have downloaded it previously and then press ok.
* Wait for some time untill it completes it process of installing the rom and it restarts and finally start with the new custom rom.
THAT'S IT! Now your device is installed with the new custom rom.

 1) Dont forget to backup your data before doing this process.
2) Only install only if you are aware of the type of the custom rom that you have downloaded.

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