Friday, June 28, 2013

Mobileuncle tools:

Mobileuncle tools:

Mobileuncle Tools is powerful tool for MTK android device:

1 Displays device info
2 Displays information of device and running status
3 Easy to open engineer mode and MTK engineer mode
4 Helpful to backup IMEI for MTK mobile
5 Recovery online update
6 Easy update tool via sdcard
7 Enable USB Mass Storage Device,connect cable first
8 Crack operator GPRS lock for MTK
9 Free the network access limited via GPRS
10 Power GPS search
11 Power the gps search satellite ability
12 Enable AP
13 Easy reboot to recovery

Only works on certain types of phone (rooted android device is required)

(with good reason!)Can make phone UNUSABLE if you change things without knowing what you are doing!

Some functions require phone to be rooted.

Extremely useful for people with common sense and a bit of computer knowledge.

Allows for easier access to engineer mode on phones with an MTK chipset (much faster than typing *#*#3646633#*#* each time I wish to change a setting).

Has other uses but each are performed better (in my experience) by other apps.

vary much useful to get boot menu for newbies.

vary much useful to load .img file and to get recovery mode easily.

helpful in adding additional options in boot menu.

Also visit: How To Change Imei No. By Using Mobile Uncle Tools.

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