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Accu Chek Active VS One Touch Select Simple Glucometer

        In this post, we are considering Accu chek active and one touch select simple glucose meters, as these are the most competitive devices from the major companies in this segment. Both of them are available in the very low cost and wide spread ed  in the market.
        The people get confuse in choosing between these two devices. so, i've focused on these two devices and made a conclusion that one touch select simple is better than accu chek active. The reasons behind my saying is mentioned below.
        In this post i'll tell you the various advantages and the disadvantages of the above mentioned glucose meters which includes the various aspects taken into consideration from the various sources which includes the official website of FDA and other surveys done and displayed on the internet. This post also tells you the methodology used in the glucose meters and the recommended method for the best reading.

Methodology:(test type)

The glucose meters use different methodologies to test the glucose content in the sample. The GDH-PQQ is one such methodology used by the accu chek active glucose meter. The GDH-PQQ methodology is said as the inappropriate method to test the glucose content in the blood without proper contact with the healthcare provider, this is because the GDH-PQQ methodology interferes with the maltose and other non-glucose sugars present in the blood and shows the combined result along with the glucose which leads to the increased levels of the results. As per the reports received by the FDA from 1997-2009, 13 reports were received  as death associated due to the use of GDH-PQQ methodology, which has given the false results and it has lead to some severe conditions on the patients health.
       The FDA is working with the manufacturers to solve this problem and it suggests the consumers not to prefer such glucose meters and it is advisable to contact your healthcare provider before buying any of the glucose meters working with the GDH-PQQ methodology.
        The one who do not take the drugs that interfere with the GDH-PQQ methodology can peacefully use such type of glucose meters after proper communication with the healthcare providers.
       But it is highly recommended by FDA to avoid such glucose meters.

Accu Chek Active Glucometer       -----    Uses GDH-PQQ                      --------     ✘

One Touch Select Simple               -----    Uses GO (Glucose Oxidase)    --------     ✔

The Accu Chek Active Glucometer are coming with lots of features when compared to the one touch select simple but it is suggestible to prefer One Touch Select Simple as we mainly focus on the results.

I also came to know that the accu chek active models were being replaced with the accu chek aviva plus for free of cost in united states. I got this particular information from the official website of accu chek, united states.

Note: The information on this post is based on the information updated on 2009 of FDA and some other sources.The related links are mentioned below. Please refer the links for more information.


Also have a look on this link which provides you the list of glucose monitors along with the methodologies used by them.( specific to the USA)

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