Monday, January 18, 2016

Tomato Safety Android App Download And How To Use It?

What is Tomato Safety?
Tomato is an app for your mobile which gives you alerts when your phone gets stolen by someone. It provides three tier of security to your phone,
1.Sim change notifications
2.Remotely tracking of your phone
3.Starting siren by a sms

Download It HERE

I lost my phone somewhere. How to track it?
Send a text to your phone "track (last 4 characters of your password)". If your phone is not switched off and is connected to internet, you will soon get back location updates to the "superhero numbers" you have added earlier. If you believe your phone has not been stolen and is lying somewhere near around you, try "siren whistle blower" feature.

What is different in Tomato?
The features which makes Tomato different is that it is super light - doesn't take a big bite from your phone's memory, processor or battery.

Please explain "siren whistle blower". What is it?
Suppose you misplaced your phone in your home or somewhere around you. You can try to ring your phone to locate it. Brilliant!!! But what if it is in silent mode?? Here, Tomato comes handy. Send a SMS "siren (last 4 characters of your password)". Even if your phone is in silent mode, your phone will give a loud siren sound.

Does Tomato spy on me?
No, not at all. We can assure you that we are not the "bad guys". We do not collect any user identifying information.

What is the use of this app if my phone never gets stolen?
You can catch your friends when they play prank on you by hiding your phone. In that situation the siren feature of the app comes handy.

I was thinking of changing my SIM card... Will Tomato flag that too ?
You should turn off the Tomato protection before doing that. After putting in the new SIM you can turn on the protection. Please note that if you are using a dual SIM phone the order of SIM cards does matter.

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